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Bridge Scalable Telecom Solutions in our Private Cloud Network

Telecom as a Service

Nubes Networks offers a fresh approach to cloud services with a secure private network design. We are pioneering the next generation of cloud based services with a secure and safe cloud environment. Nubes has packaged Telecom, IT Infrastructure, DeskTop and Microsoft services inside our Fused Cloud Infrastructure for enterprise, banking, healthcare and educational markets. Infrastructure as a Service, Desktop as a Service, Microsoft as a Service and Telecom as a Service rounds out our unique blend of solutions.

Bandwidth: Nubes Secure Connect™ provides Layer 2 circuit technology, to deliver a private no-public transport connection between clients’ office locations and infrastructure. Our Fused Cloud Technology improves bandwidth efficiency driving better performance and utilization.

Hosted PBX & Unified Voice: We can configure multi station and multi location phone systems with all your trunking requirements in our fused cloud environment designed to addresses large and small office settings. Ourapproach bundles together hosted PBX features, Unified communication tools and SIP trunking solutions resulting in better functionality, mobility while reducing operating cost and bulky hardware investments.

Internet: Dedicated internet access is delivered through our Fused Technology to enhance performance and utilization on tier 1 & 2 internet provides. Improve your networks speed and efficiency.

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