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Our Private Cloud makes Infrastructure as a Service a viable alternative

Infrastructure as a Service

IT-Infrastructure as a Service

Our Fused Cloud Infrastructure allows your IT departments to expand, while saving money. Nubes provides the freedom to expand your IT infrastructure on a lower cost basis through our private cloud network. You won’t loose control but you will gain the ability to manage and expand your infrastructure based on needs vs. budgetary constraints. We can back up sites, replace servers and expand server farms in a near real time basis all under affordable pricing model. Stop purchasing hardware and managing physical infrastructure, expand your business today with Nubes.

Server Products

  • Application Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Web Services Servers
  • Etc.

Storage Products

  • SSD
  • Spinning Disks
  • Cold Storage
  • Etc.

Business Continuity

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Back Ups
  • High Availability

VDI-Virtual Desktop Infrastructure as a Service

Virtual Desktop services are a viable option for todays mid size to large businesses. The cost of desktop computers and on-going maintenance is a heavy burden for businesses. This is further compounded when you add operating software to the mix, coupled with adding licenses and constant upgrades across all your desktops users. Our real-time add-move changes capability make it a simple function in today’s modern offices. Utilize your capital more effectively and eliminating almost all desktop maintenance. Unleash the power to grow without the burden of traditional desktop deployment and capital requirements.

  • Enterprise Products
    • VDI
    • Collaboration
    • Virtual Meeting
  • Custom Hardware Options
    • VDI Terminals
    • Routers
    • Switches
  • Security Products
    • For Compliance
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Etc.

Private MicroSoft Exchange as a Service

Give you’re business the leading edge with back-up protection and security on Nubes Microsoft Exchange. Back your Exchange server up in our private cloud, or move the entire Exchange system into the our Fused Cloud Infrastructure. Nubes can heighten performance, make expansion easy & flexibile on your corporate email system. Let us take your Microsoft Exchange to the next level.

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